Me On Canvas

Ah, the music of words!

This & This & This

3a.m. and I can’t sleep. So I think about my life as a painting. I wave my hands in the air as I lie in bed—splashing, sponging, spattering and dabbing as if the blackness in front of me is a canvas. I connect my feelings about events in my life to colours—greys and browns to the darkest times, pinks and yellows to the brightest, red, magenta. I take it a little further by going on my computer and doing research. I find there are colours for every kind of emotion and some have strange names. At one point instead of typing happy colours, I type hippy colours. Up comes: free spirit, flower child, catch the wind and bohemian beauty. Perfect for one stage of my life during the 1970s. My insomnia instead of being a nuisance turns out to be a lesson on colours, emotions and a fun time painting…

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