Ontario Writers’ Conference (pre)!

I am really excited about the Ontario Writers’ Conference this weekend (OWC, for those in the know).

The Honorary Chair of the Conference is Wayson Choy, author of award-winning novels and memoir (The Jade Peony — 1995, All That Matters — 2004, Paper Shadows: A Chinatown Childhood — 1999, and Not Yet: A Memoir of Living and Almost Dying — 2009 ). There’s a stellar lineup of workshops, facilitators and mentors.

I’ve signed up for a Blue Pencil session with Barbara Berson. I’m excited and apprehensive. Barbara gets to read three pages from my first novel – selecting those pages was like offering up a child for and experiment. Will it work? What if the outcome is awful? The thing is, I finished my first novel in December, in time to enter it into a contest (for which I was not selected).

As a participant in the bi-weekly submission of 3000 words to A Novel Approach, I’ve been cranking out my assignments for the second novel of the three-part series. But from time to time, as inspiration flags, that nasty grating voice in my head asks, ‘what if you’re wasting your time?” All writers must suffer from that kind of indecision and self-doubt from time to time, but at last I’ll have feedback from an expert.


One thought on “Ontario Writers’ Conference (pre)!

  1. I agree, all writers must endure the Inner Critic’s negative feedback, but after reading your work via A Novel Approach, I’m sure the blue pencil session will offer invaluable feedback that will counter that “nasty grating voice”! Let us know how it goes, please!

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