Happy New Year

Good grief! Where has 2010 gone and why did it disappear as fast as the snow on our front lawn today? At least the folks doing the polar bear swims had less inclement weather, even though it’s raining to beat the band. Can’t complain, though. when you consider what those poor people in Australia are going through with flooding. Last year, there were swathes of the country in flames.

After two weeks full of parties, food and festive beverages, it’s time to get serious and embrace the Glycemic Index eating program. Otherwise, we’ll be relegated to wearing elastic-waisted Wal-Mart clothing and feeling like crap because we know we could be healthier and more fit. Ugh. Lots more veggies, fibre and soups, less processed carbs and meat. Did you know that goat is the most frequently eaten meat in the world? The taste of goat doesn’t appeal to me, but then again, I bought a herd of goats from World Vision for my Christmas donation, so if you consider that herds sustain populations in large parts of Africa and Asia (milk, meat, cheese, poop-compost), you can understand their popularity.

So why are we watching the Scandinavian cooking show, where one of the dishes is pureed parsnips and chanterelles sautéed in butter? The photography is stunning and, if you enjoy Scandinavia as much as we do, the gorgeous scenery is so enticing.

Time to get disciplined – food choices, exercise, writing.


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