All Poetry is NOT Great! So what… if you can have a laugh?

William Shakespeare, chief figure of the Engli...Image via Wikipedia
Two English students were sitting in a bar, discussing the merits of various poets. One of them thought that Milton was the greatest of the English poets while the other held that Shakespeare was far superior. The Milton advocate argued that Milton’s works were beautiful in their simplicity. The Shakespeare fan argued that Shakespeare’s work was much more descriptive and colourful. The discussion was getting quite heated when a cowboy walked into the bar.
“There,” said the Shakespeare fan, “is an unusual subject. How would Milton describe that cowboy?”
The student who favoured Milton thought for a few minutes and said,
“Behold a man whose legs are bowed
Because upon a horse he rode.”
The Shakespeare fan advocate said, “That’s just the sort of thing I’d expect from Milton. No lyricism! Completely flat!!”
“Well,” challenged the Milton advocate, “how would Shakespeare have described him?”
The Shakespeare fan immediately responded with,
“Lo! What manner of man is this
Who carries his balls in parenthesis?”
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