Moving to Write in Plain Sight on March 5, 2016

Mindful For a Year is relocating to my self-hosted blog. In a moment of intense longing for something sweet, I thought of renaming this ‘Cupcakes and Sprinkles’ and switching to posting recipes.Cupcake Sprinkles and Frosting

But I didn’t and I won’t. My quest is still to get healthier and finish several writing projects, so I invite you to follow me along to Write in Plain Sight where I will continue to document whatever comes to my undisciplined mind, and Hyacinthe Miller Books, where I’ll profile writing (mine and others).



Me On Canvas

Ah, the music of words!

This & This & This

3a.m. and I can’t sleep. So I think about my life as a painting. I wave my hands in the air as I lie in bed—splashing, sponging, spattering and dabbing as if the blackness in front of me is a canvas. I connect my feelings about events in my life to colours—greys and browns to the darkest times, pinks and yellows to the brightest, red, magenta. I take it a little further by going on my computer and doing research. I find there are colours for every kind of emotion and some have strange names. At one point instead of typing happy colours, I type hippy colours. Up comes: free spirit, flower child, catch the wind and bohemian beauty. Perfect for one stage of my life during the 1970s. My insomnia instead of being a nuisance turns out to be a lesson on colours, emotions and a fun time painting…

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7 Steps to the Perfect Story

Refine your writing craft…

Moving People to Action

Stories are Predictable

“We think of stories as a wildly creative art form but within that creativity and that diversity there is a lot of conformity. Stories are very predictable. No matter where you go in the world, no matter how different people seem, no matter how hard their lives are, people tell stories, universally, and universally the stories are more or less like ours: the same basic human obsessions, and the same basic structure. The structure comes down to: stories have a character, the character has a predicament or a problem—they’re always problem-focused—and the character tries to solve the problem. In its most basic terms, that’s what a story is—a problem solution narrative.”Jonathan Gottschall

The 7 Steps to the Perfect Story

From structure and plot to heroes and characters, your story must have 7 elements in order to engage the audience. Here’s an infographic from the Content Marketing Association that visually…

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It’s Another Year

Oh, boy. My sentiments exactly.


Starting over.  This isn’t fun.

It’s been a holiday season of eating things that are not so good for me, but hey.  It’s only once a year for that mince meat pie, and the eggnog is almost gone.  I managed to do some yoga and a bit of tai chi, but nothing as good as an actual class, so I ache.  The yoga class that ended the year felt like beginning over….again…with tight quads and weak triceps brachii.

We all do this.  Get to a certain point and have to do it over.  Binged and swore off chocolate…again.  Smoked only two cigarettes, but it’s as difficult to stop smoking for that fifth time as it was to quit that two pack a day habit.  Gym memberships are renewed with optimism, even knowing that last year that routine lasted only the four months of winter.  Spring weather enticed us with promises…

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I’ve MOVED to

That’s  Write in Plain Sight at

Yes, I bit the bullet, signed up for a domain name and a website. I figured that would make me more accountable (the $$$ clock ticking when I don’t do a post or edit the site to keep it fresh and interesting).  I also wanted more flexibility in terms of what I could do with my own website.

Now, I just have to figure out how I let my faithful followers know where I’ve gone before decommissioning this site. I hope to keep in touch with those who read my work and those whose work I admire.

Let’s not be strangers…..

So much to do…

I apologize, Faithful Followers, because I have been negligent in updating this blog for too long. It’s just that [insert reason here]… and the weather is gorgeous and the rain had stimulated a new crop of weeds and I have an out-of-town consulting project and the airport limo is coming to pick me up at 2 and I am soooo far behind in my writing and fearful that I’m losing my creative mojo… Yes, I could go on, but we all have our issues, don’t we?

The project out west entails training policy analyst folks, reviewing and revising their organization’s manual and doing some ongoing coaching. This is the work that I love, so I’m certainly not complaining. Plus, we’re planning to do a bathroom reno in the spring and the money I earn will go towards that. Yay. But I find that it takes almost twice as much time for me to prepare than to actually deliver – part of that is because I’m type AA and part is because I really want the participants to benefit from what we discuss, otherwise, what’s the point? And of course this morning the cord on my laptop started making screaming noises and not transforming the power into something usable, so I have to take a run into town and see if I can buy a new one. I keep saying, ommmmmmmm, but it’s not working. I can feel my shoulders rising up to my ears.

So I’ll be even more AWOL for the next 10 days. I’ll be following what you’re writing, though, so I’m counting on you to take up the slack.

Here’s a little TED-tidbit.